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Welcome To
The Afro Ndiritu Podcast

This show is split into two,
The Daily Dose and Expert Weekly

The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose for Entrepreneurs is 10-12 minutes of my secrets, insights, strategies and tactics on how I am growing my 6-figure business each and every day.

Great to listen to on your morning walk, coffee break or whilst travelling to/from work.  

Expert Weekly...

Expert Weekly is a weekly show (out every Thursday) where I host a special expert guest who shares their knowledge and journey with entrepreneurship, business, & marketing.

Perfect if you are what to have more impact, more influence and more income for you and your business...

Featured As A Top 💯 Podcast For Entrepreneurship In The UK

It was 2016 when I first ventured out into the world of entrepreneurship.

Previous to this I worked in a large coroporate retail company.

I got frustrated with the lack of opportunities and the ‘more of the same’ BS that was inevitability going to come my way.

I decided against this and took action.

I first leapt into the world of fitness as a Personal Trainer but it was at this one event where I realised I had to walk away from that world…

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