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Adam Bates

How To Massively Increase Your Business Results Through Fitness!

Who Is Adam Bates?

Adam has worked in the health and fitness industry now for 10 years, with an additional 7 years prior to that spent developing his own physique. 

As genetics were against him and progress did not come easy, Adam spent any free time he had studying health and nutrition which very quickly become a passion. 

In 2011 Adam started his online coaching business and was one of just a few coaches in the world who were offering online body transformation coaching at the time. 

He has since appeared in many publications including Men’s Health magazine and is now known as the leading authority when it comes to online physique transformations.

A few questions I ask:
• How much has the fitness industry changed?

• How to fill a void when you get injured?

• Why do men struggle with mental health?

What you will learn:

• The importance of knowing your highest value

• How fitness can transform not just your life but your business results too

• How the fitness has changed over the last 10 years.

• And much more...

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