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Suzan St Maur

How To Write A Brilliant Award-Winning Entrepreneurial Book

Who Is Suzan St Maur?

Canadian-born former copywriter and content marketer Suzan St Maur is the author of 37 published books, some of which have been organic Amazon No.1 bestsellers.

By the way, “organic” here means genuinely earned number ones - not helped by cheating as so many publishers do!

She now works as an author coach and publishing consultant, helping others to get their business and other passions out into print and other media... having brought together her own experience of writing books, getting them published and using her marketing and advertising skills to promote them.

Suzan is also the founder of award-winning website resource, 'How To Write Better with Suzan St Maur,' and she recently launched her new brand and publishing imprint called ‘Better Books Media.’

Her own new book, ‘How To Write A Brilliant Nonfiction Book,” is on all the Amazons now.

A few questions I ask:
• What are the 3 most common mistakes when it comes to writing a business book?

• Why's the difference when it comes to writing a business book vs any other book?

• What the day in a life of a book writer?
What you will learn:

• How to write your first book regardless if you are new to business or experienced

• How to record a professional audiobook in readiness for audible

• Why an Amazon best seller is NOT as prolific as you think.

• And much more...

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