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Billy Schwer

Mental Health (Man Up) with Former British, Commonwealth and World Boxing Champion

Who Is Billy Schwer?

My guest is the Former British, Commonwealth, European and world Boxing champion, he's also a world leading inspirational and motivational speaker and personal performance coach. 

He's an author, the title of his book is Man Up, The World Champion Way and during the lockdown he's created a Brand New 12 Week Coaching program called "How to change yourself and your life in 12 weeks" The world champion way. 

Please welcome the former light welterweight champion of the world Billy Schwer.

A few questions I ask:
• What is the 3D Model and why is it important?

• Why do some boxer's struggling after retiring?

• What was it like winning the belt after all those years and attempts?
What you will learn:

• How to get out of a negative cycle?

• Top tips for success after a huge fall

• What it takes to be a world-class champion

• And much more...

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