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Ash Borland

How To Stand Out From The Crowd With Personal Branding

Who Is Ash Borland?

I am a Personal Branding Coach, Podcaster & Speaker.

I help people stand out from the crowd by building, shaping and refining their own personal brand.

Personal branding is the key to success in today’s world of heavy competition and unlimited choice.

People make their buying and hiring decisions based on the brand of a person behind a product or service.

They want to see if the person backing the product has a reliable personal brand which has authority in the industry.

So now is the time to take control of your personal brand and stand out from the crowd!  

My theory is that everyone is individual, and we all are our unique selling point.

When we start to embrace our own individuality and use it in a focused way, we become memorable, unstoppable and irreplaceable.

I truly believes that EVERYONE can stand out both online and offline if they know how!

A few questions I ask:
• What are your top 3 tips for building a Personal Brand from scratch?

• What is entrepreneurship and the problems with it?

• What is Personal Branding?

• What is a Personal Branding Ecosystem?
What you will learn:

• How to grow a following on Tik Tok

• Why building a Personal Brand is vital to build a brand in the long run

• Organic social media strategies for LinkedIn and Tik Tok

• The 3 biggest mistakes people make when it comes to Personal Branding

• And much more...

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